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Connor Halliday: WSU Starting Quarterback And Taylor Swift Video Co-Star

By now, we all know who Connor Halliday is. A 494-yard passing performance and win over Arizona State has that effect. On Saturday, the redshirt freshman from Ferris High School in Spokane introduced himself to the world -- or those who stayed up all night to watch him -- and fans have been buzzing ever since.

So we know Connor Halliday the player. We know the lanky, 6-foot-4 kid with the babyface and big arm. We know he can throw the ball all over the place and has plenty of confidence on the field. But do we know Connor Halliday the person?

Late last night, a video of a young Connor Halliday was passed along on Twitter from someone I'll keep anonymous for now (if you follow me, you know where this came from). It's probably a bit embarrassing for the young quarterback -- Taylor Swift is involved -- but them be the breaks. The world needs to know the goofy, somewhat awkward Connor Halliday.


We've all done off-the-wall things in high school, but most of us haven't gone on to throw for almost 500 yards while igniting a fanbase. Congratulations, Mr. Halliday -- both for the superb performance on Saturday and for getting the girl years back in your Taylor Swift moment.