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WSU Vs. Sacramento State: Open Basketball Game Thread

There's really very little chance this game is close, but that doesn't mean there's no chance it's interesting. I'm curious to see a few things.

First, does Brock Motum continue to assert himself against a frontline that he should dominate? Motum was really, really good against a good Gonzaga frontcourt on Monday, an encouraging sign for a team that desperately needs an interior presence.

Second, how does Ken Bone use his guards? Faisal Aden got the start on Monday, but found himself on the bench for most of the second half after one too many ill-advised shots, lazy turnovers and poor defensive possessions. Does he start again tonight? Or does Bone go with what clearly looks like the best three-guard lineup of Reggie Moore, Mike Ladd and DaVonte Lacy?

Third, does the defense look more sound? The trapping stuff is a nice wrinkle, but it can't be a staple. Teams will figure it out. It ought to be a lot easier to look good tonight.

If you're not going to be in attendance, you can watch the game at All-Access. It's $9.95 for a month, and there are three basketball games broadcast only on there in the next month, so it's a reasonable value. I've already ponied up.