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Real Recognize Real: Jay Bilas Makes DaVonte Lacy's Day

Jay Bilas is one of my favorite college basketball -- and college sports in general -- follows on Twitter. One minute, he's railing against the hypocrisy of the NCAA, and the next he's quoting Young Jeezy. It's like living in an alternate universe, but Bilas has embraced his online persona and run with it.

So how does Washington State fit into the Bilas Chronicles? It turns out freshman guard DaVonte Lacy caught the attention of the Jeezy quoting Bilas during ESPN's College Tip-Off Marathon, of course:

YoungCoug_3DaVonte Lacy
in reply to @YoungCoug_3

@YoungCoug_3@WazzusJobu I know you, and your game, broheme. Great 2nd half against Gonzaga! Keep're going to be really good.
Nov 18 via Mobile WebFavoriteRetweetReply

YoungCoug_3 is Lacy, for the uninitiated. The @'s are a way to communicate back and forth on Twitter.

Yeah, that's pretty cool either way. Bilas used broheme when referring to Lacy. That's all I got here.

We'll be back with more serious news at some point, or perhaps Bilas and Lacy will start exchanging Jeezy lyrics, prompting another post. Gotta break up the monotony somehow.