How I Viewed the Utah Game - In Photo / .gif Form

I was planning to be at this game, and didn't think I'd have a chance to post this so soon afterwards, but my wife and friend bailed on me, so here it is.


The Cougs and Utes start off slowly as no one scores, or even does much offensively:


Halliday throws his first pick:

WSU defense holds Utah to another three and out:

Halliday throws his second pick:

Several more sputtering series:

Utah drives 90 yards, capping it with a 49 yard TD pass... on a fake punt:

In 1:08, Cougs answer with a 77 yard TD drive of their own:

Halftime.  I'm feeling pretty good about the game:

Opening drive of the 2nd half, WSU forces a fumble:

Unable to capitalize, WSU ends up punting, but then recovers another fumble:

WSU ends up scoring a FG, taking a 3 point lead:

On the next drive, Alex Hoffman-Ellis and John White IV have offsetting penalties:

Utah ties the game with a FG:

Cougs go three and out, Utah scores another FG to take the lead:

WSU goes three and out... again... but STOPS Utah.  Leon Brooks muffs punt.

Then Utah drives for a TD:

WSU pulls out a trick play, a reverse pass from Kristoff Williams to Bobby Ratliff for a 47 yard TD:

John White IV promptly runs for a 56 yard touchdown of his own:

WSU orchestrates another TD drive:

WSU gets called for an offsides when they NEED a stop:

Cougs eventually hold, and have the ball back with 58 seconds left. Marquess Wilson scores a... or maybe he doesn't... we should probably look at that... but we won't:

Cougs score a FG with time expiring:

WSU gets the ball first in OT, offensive line decides blocking is optional, Halliday throws his 4th interception:

Utah runs three times, kicks field goal for the win:

Post game, thinking about our bowl chances, and that the Cougs will be home again this postseason. 

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