Locker Hits

As a Coug fan I love to see Locker making big hits from the safety position. It gives an attitude to the defense and makes receivers think twice before going over of the middle. Locker's hits against Stanford and OSU both seemed clean. I still haven't been able to see the hit against Oregon, but that makes three games in a row Locker had big hits from the safety position. I understand that officials are putting an emphasis on these hits by penalizing them, but the problem is they aren't calling them consistently. I support protecting receivers but Pac-12 officials needs to consistent in their definition of a defenseless receiver/leading with the head etc. I don't want see it come to the point where the Cougs have players suspended like USC or the secondary becomes less aggressive. The Pac-12 has looked horrible because of their inconsistency and I hope to see some changes.

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