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Connor Halliday Injured, Spent Night In The Hospital

The Utah defense put a lot of pressure on Connor Halliday yesterday. He was only sacked once, by was knocked to the ground many times and took some vicious hits. Apparently those hits were taking a bigger toll that he was letting on. From Vince Grippi:

I'm working on amplifying some other information I was told last night concerning the health of quarterback Connor Halliday. He was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital after the game and was to spend the night there, according to a couple sources I trust. How bad Halliday's injuries are, I'm not sure, but we'll try to find out this morning.

As more information comes out about the injuries Connor sustained, we'll be sure to pass them along. He played a tough game last night, and always popped right back up after getting knocked to the ground.  That he had to be taken to Pullman Regional after a game in which he played every snap shows the type of resiliency this kid has. Hopefully the overnight stay was just a precaution and the injury is not something with long-lasting effects.