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Connor Halliday Injury Update: Freshman QB Remains In Hospital With Lacerated Liver

Per Vince Grippi Again:

Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday suffered a lacerated liver in the game against Utah on Saturday. He'll be in the hospital for a couple more days and will not be available for Saturday's Apple Cup.

Halliday likely was injured sometime in the second quarter. That means he played the majority of the game with his liver bleeding. It's hard to imagine the intense pain he felt and he must have been on one heck of an adrenaline rush to keep going and play as well as he did in the fourth quarter.

Think about all the times Utah got a hit on him throughout the game. Each time he was driven into the ground by a lineman. Even each time he had to twist his body to throw on the run there had to have been sharp pain. A super tough kid and to use a phrase I usually hate that people associate with sports: A courageous effort.

Hoping for a speedy and full recovery for Connor.