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Connor Halliday Injury Update: WSU QB Out Of Hospital; Lengthy Recovery Ahead

You're feeling sympathy pains right now. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just understand Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday suffered a laceration on the inside of his liver, causing a significant amount of internal bleeding on Saturday. And then he played just about 45 more minutes, all in significant pain with a scary internal injury. Like I said: sympathy pains.

Halliday was released from Pullman Regional Hospital on Tuesday night, just about three days after he was admitted following the Washington State Cougars' loss to the Utah Utes. From all indications, he'll be fine, but the redshirt freshman will not make the trip across the state with the Cougars as they head to Seattle for the Apple Cup.

That's the good news. The bad news, or possibly bad news, is Halliday's recovery timetable. According to head coach Paul Wulff, Halliday will need two to four months of recovery, meaning he may miss a large chunk of offseason training.

While he may be back for some part of spring practice, this offseason is critical for Halliday. Simply, he needs to add weight, and he'll freely admit this himself. At 6-foot-4, 180 pounds, he's skin and bones, and needs to add muscle to his lanky frame to survive the rigors of a football season. With a lengthy recovery timetable, it's unknown whether or not he'll be able to hit the weights during the winter conditioning program, which, at this point, may be more important than practice reps.

As an aside, I'm not sure how smart continuing to play while keeping trainers at arms length was. Tough, sure. But Halliday is lucky this didn't end up much, much worse. I got the feeling something was very wrong when nobody could find Halliday after the game, and am left to wonder if the trainers essentially said "we gotta go now" when he spoke up and admitted how much pain he was in. It was a serious situation.

But it's also interesting to note what he did while suffering through the rest of the game. As best I can tell -- and this hit stuck out in my mind at the time -- Halliday was injured on the first play of the second series in the second quarter, with about 13 minutes of game clock left in the half. On the next play, he handed the ball off in an effort to get his bearings. He then threw his third interception of the game.

Before and through the series I believe he was injured, Halliday had thrown for 45 yards and three interceptions -- the last of which was two plays after he was drilled. Following the injury, he threw for 245 yards, two touchdowns and the interception on his last throw. He played for almost 45 minutes with a liver laceration and internal bleeding. It may not have been smart, but the kid is one tough S.O.B.