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76 Classic 2011: Crimson and Cream Machine Q & A Part 2

Yesterday I exchanged questions and answers with Richard over at SB Nation's Crimson and Cream Machine in advance of tonight's Thanksgiving match-up between the Sooners and the Cougars. Here is a link and a short preview of one of my answers. For all the answers, be sure to click the link and head over to CCM:


76 Classic: Q&A With SBN's Coug Center - Crimson And Cream Machine
CCM - One thing Kruger has preached is rebounding. Oklahoma is still under sized without Casey Arent on the floor but continues to crash the boards successfully against lesser opponents. Will the Cougs be able to take advantage of the smaller bigs not only on offense but defense as well?

CC - No, WSU will not be able to take advantage of smaller bigs in the rebounding battle. I wrote about this after the Portland game, but this team (which was not a good rebounding team a year ago) doesn't have their top three defensive rebounders from last season. Klay Thompson and DeAngelo Casto left early, and senior forward Abe Lodwick is out with a broken foot. Brock Motum has improved some, but the rest of team isn't picking up the slack. Portland dominated the glass on both ends of the floor in WSU's last game, and I'm sure that Oklahoma is not an undersized as they are.


Some of his questions had me more scared about this game than any of my own research. Should be a tough contest for both opponents, as they are both flawed and the other team has the right strengths to attack those flaws. In case you missed it last night, here are Richard's 76 Classic preview answers.