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REPORT: Paul Wulff Likely To Be Fired, Mike Leach A Candidate

Bud Withers of the Seattle Times has reported that Paul Wulff is likely to be fired as early as tomorrow. From his post on the Seattle Times website:

Sources close to the situation say Wulff, whose Cougars lost 38-21 to Washington on Saturday at CenturyLink Field, will be dismissed after a meeting with athletic director Bill Moos, barring a last-minute change of direction by Moos. It could happen as early as Sunday, possibly Monday.

After the 38-21 loss to Washington in the Apple Cup earlier this evening it seems unlikely that Moos is going to change his mind. Especially when considering the possible candidates that Moos may have his eye on. From Withers's report again:

A reversal of thinking is unlikely, and sources familiar with the process say the Cougars will have former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach at the top of their list of possible replacements. Leach has been out of coaching since 2009 after a controversial exit from Tech that resulted in him suing the school.

Mike Leach's name has been thrown around all along on message boards, in our own comment section, and in bars across the state. However, to many it never really seemed like a reality that Leach would make his return to coaching in Pullman. While I'm still a bit skeptical as to whether or not WSU could make that hire, I know that Bill Moos is very good at what he does. If he believes he has a legitimate shot at a guy like Leach, with a proven track record of taking a struggling major conference and making them a perennial winner, then that would make the decision not to retain a lot easier.

As we move through this process, let's keep in mind that Paul Wulff is a human being, a Coug, and someone who may be out of a job. Keep your comments civil (not that I have to tell you that, but news like this can bring a lot of different people around). He wants this program to succeed more than anyone, and he has done what he thought was best to reach that goal. He hasn't done that yet, and it appears that Bill Moos has decided to move in another direction.