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Paul Wulff Fired As Head Coach Of Washington State Cougars, According To Report

And with that, it's over. Paul Wulff has been fired as head coach of the Washington State Cougars, according to a report on Tuesday morning. The move ends days of speculation about Wulff's status and the direction of the team going forward.

The news was reported by Vince Grippi, who learned of it following a morning meeting between Wulff and athletic director Bill Moos.

Paul Wulff has been relieved of his duties as head football coach at Washington State. He was told in a meeting with Bill Moos this morning.

Moos will hold a press conference at 2 p.m., presumably to announce the decision officially and take questions. Moos has spent the better part of the last two days meeting with Wulff to discuss the future of the program, gathering information to make a final decision. As we now know, that decision was to take the program in a different direction, with different leadership.

There's not much satisfying about this right now, so I'll leave it at that. It's a business and changes happen, but it's always tough to watch one of your own go down. Back with more in a bit.