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OPEN THREAD: Bill Moos Press Conference

In the aftermath of Paul Wulff's firing, we still have a scheduled press conference to deal with. What will be said? Athletic Director Bill Moos still needs to make a statement about the future of the program, and answer questions as to why Wulff was let go.

Come discuss the events of the press conference officially announcing Wulff's departure as head coach of the Washington State Cougar football team.

If you're near a TV, NWCN will be airing the press conference at 2pm. If you want to watch a live stream, we have two to choose from after the jump. All I know is this will be one weird open thread. Excited for the future, but sad and somber for a Coug being relieved of his duties.

If you've missed anything, you can read Brian's take here, here, or here.

Also, if you're expecting Moos to introduce a new coach, you're going to be disappointed.

WSU link:

SWX link: