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Cougar Sports Weekly: WSU Will Miss DeAngelo Casto's Defense More Than Rebounding

In case you've wondered exactly what you'd get with a Cougar Sports Weekly subscription, I actually send out newsletters more than weekly -- I send out three a week. (Yes, I know this doesn't technically make it weekly, but hey -- just trying to give the customer value for the price!)

Anyway, here's a short excerpt from Wednesday's edition, which I thought might spark some discussion here. The newsletter also included the mailbag, where I delve into subscribers' questions:

It's been suggested by some that the Cougars might actually miss DeAngelo Casto more than they miss Klay Thompson, a theory based on WSU's depth at the guard position. While I don't buy it for a minute that this team will miss Casto more than Thompson -- if Casto leaves but Thompson comes back, this team is contending for an NCAA berth, but probably not if it's the other way around; Thompson is that special -- the point is well taken that Ken Bone is going to have an awfully tough time replacing Casto.

It seems like most people are really focusing on Casto's rebounding ability, but I'd argue that's the least of the Cougars' problems when it comes to sorting out the frontcourt. Casto wasn't as good of a rebounder as he was widely reputed to be. Instead, where I think the Cougs will really miss Casto is defensively.

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