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Mike Leach May Be On His Way To Pullman, According To Report

Take it for what it's worth, but Steve Kelley, by way of his son Mason on Twitter, is half-reporting Mike Leach is on his way to Pullman. Kelley, citing a source, said Leach is on his way to Pullman, and not just for a visit.

The string of tweets can be found below.

A source has told Steve Kelley that Mike Leach is on his way to WSU. Just though I'd pass it along.

On his way to being hired. RT @Softykjr: "On his way" as in he's taking the job or visiting?

Adding intrigue to the whole situation is Leach not appearing on his normal Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday.

Mike Leach is not on the Sirius/XM College Football Playbook today with his partner Jack Arute. I'm told he's got something going.

Mike Leach has always got something going. He could be sailing or something. Never know!

All of this would seem to jive with everything out in the open thus far. Moos' press conference on Tuesday seemed to almost lead those watching right towards Leach, with loaded phrases pointing directly at the former Texas Tech coach. He talked of knowing Leach well, reading his book and wanting a high-powered offense and excitement. Many of the things he said brought Leach's name to mind.

It doesn't mean things are done, but Leach has to be considered the strongest candidate, and some kind of deal may be in the works. I get the feeling we'll know more shortly.