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Mike Leach Has Been Offered WSU Job, Expected To Accept, According To Report

And finally, we have some clarity. According to Vince Grippi, Washington State has offered the head coaching job to Mike Leach, and he is expected to accept it. The courtship has been fast, but not unexpected, all things considered.

Grippi reported it on Twitter, citing sources close to the situation.

Sources tell me WSU has made an offer to Mike Leach to be its next football coach. They expect him to accept. It's close to done. More soon.

This is fits with many of the things I've heard in the last two days. A deal was close, and had nearly been finalized. It appears the marriage will be consummated sometime soon, now.

Leach was the clear target of Moos in this process, something evident from Tuesday's press conference. The two got to know each other in Spokane during a coaches clinic, and Moos spoke highly of Leach on Tuesday. Additionally, Moos said he'd pull the trigger with a candidate when he felt comfortable, so the timetable of two to three weeks had little bearing on the process.

Expect the offer to be large, as in well more than double, perhaps triple, what Paul Wulff was making. Back with more in a bit.