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Mike Leach Agrees To Terms With WSU, According To Report

This is who I've always expected to break the Mike Leach news, and I now consider it done. Bruce Feldman, formerly of ESPN and currently of CBS, is reporting Mike Leach has agreed to terms to coach the Washington State Cougars. Feldman is close to Leach, and even wrote a book, Swing Your Sword, with him.

Here's the tweet.

BREAKING: Mike Leach has verbally agreed to be the head coach at Washington St.

Earlier, we got the WSU side: Vince Grippi reported the Cougars had made an offer to Leach and expected him to accept. This was just one side, however. Leach is the other side, and Feldman breaking the news fills in that gap.

It's over. One day after Paul Wulff was fired, we have a coach. And boy is it one hell of a coach.

Bill Moos wanted excitement and butts in the seats, and there's no doubt Leach will do that. Look at the excitement nationwide today. People are talking about WSU, Leach and doing so with excitement. This is one hell of a splash.

Go nuts. I am.