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Mike Leach's Contract Will Reportedly Make Him Third-Highest-Paid Pac-12 Coach

Mike Leach is going to make a lot of money in Pullman. He'll make more money than any other WSU coach ever has, and will reportedly earn over four times as much as Paul Wulff did in his final year. Leach's contract will also be twice as much as Tony Bennett was paid in his final year at the helm of the WSU basketball team. Again: Run with the big dogs or get left behind.

According to Bruce Feldman, who likely got his information from the Leach camp, here are the vague term's of Leach's agreement.

Mike Leach's deal is for 5 yrs & will make him the 3rd-highest paid coach in the Pac-12, according to a source.

This would put him behind Lane Kiffin, whose salary is not reported but is believed to be the highest in the conference, and Chip Kelly, who makes $2.8 million a year. As it stands now, Jeff Tedford is the third-highest-paid coach at $2.3 million a year. Steve Sarkisian is close behind at $2.25 million a year. Therefore, one would expect the agreement to be in the $2.5 million per year range.

That's a lot of booty for the pirate.