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WSU Vs. Grambling State: Open Basketball Game Thread And Stream Information

I might have previewed this game more but, you know, Mike Leach.

Grambling is probably the worst team in the country. They are scoring 3/4 of a point per possession. That's terrible. They have posted a 31.0 eFG%. They are shooting 28.9% on two-pointers. They don't do anything well on offense.

Defensively they aren't good, but they do defend the three pretty well and opponents haven't taken many trips to the free throw line. That may be more of a result of getting blown out of every game.

The game is being streamed live via the official athletics website. you can sign up and pay the $9.99 a month to see it.. Right now, I think the department might deserve it.

Let's all take a victory lap. I don't know what we won, but it sure feels like we won something today.