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An Excerpt From Cougar Sports Weekly

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One thing statistics have shown us is that rebounding percentages usually hold pretty steady for a player over his career; you rarely see huge jumps in the rate at which they secure rebounds. While coaches can teach technique all day, rebounding is one of those things where you either have a nose for the ball, or you don't. And Motum has demonstrated he just doesn't.

Which brings us to Saturday. Motum played 21 minutes. LCSC shot 30 percent from the field. LCSC trotted out a lineup with nobody taller than 6-foot-6. Motum was only able to grab one defensive rebound -- a paltry 6 percent of available defensive rebounds while he was on the floor. It's not for lack of effort. Motum plays hard. But he just doesn't seem to have whatever it is that allows guys to go get the ball.

It's probably best to come to peace with the idea that Motum will always be a below average rebounder, and just hope and pray that he can offset it with some truly stellar offense, because he's going to see a lot of minutes. Ken Bone has no choice.

I also took a look at the piece from Cougfan a couple of weeks ago where a couple of NFL scouts said the talent was improved at WSU and analyzed whether some key metrics reflected an actual improvement in the on-field results.

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