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Mike Leach Speaks, Or Tweets, And Thanks Texas Tech Fans

He finally speaks! It wasn't in any official capacity or at a university event, but Mike Leach did say something this evening. He does have a Twitter account, you can follow it at @Coach_Leach, and he does occasionally use it to send messages to the masses. On Thursday night, his tweet was about the Cougars, with a tip of the cap to Lubbock, Texas.

Here's Leach's tweet, which was classy and shows why Texas Tech fans still love him.

Headshot_normal Thanks for the incredible fan support in Lubbock. I'm putting together my staff and can't wait to coach the WSU Cougars & meet their fans. — @Coach_Leach via Twitter

It all feels kind of real now, doesn't it? I mean, we'd heard from Washington State and Bill Moos, but we were all waiting for Leach to say something. He'll be introduced next week in an event on campus, so this will have to suffice for now.

Can't wait to see how he puts his staff together and what he has planned now.