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WSU Recruit Maurice Bennett Talks About Leach Hire

When Maurice Bennett, a near-300 pound 3 star DT from Mississippi originally committed, we were all pretty damned excited. Bennett was the first big-time recruit to verbally commit to the class of 2012, and any time you nab a player from SEC country, there's cause for excitement. No disrespect intended to the six other kids who committed before him (especially Jordan Pulu, who I think is going to be great), but Bennett is one of the only kids in this class with a chance to play the moment he steps foot on campus.

Before we really had time to pour a celebratory drink or do the macarena sans pants, Nusser had to rain on everyone's parade. Bennett verbally committed not because he was 100% sure WSU was the right fit, but because, in his words, "I just want to commit to the one offer I do have."

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that he was leveraging his WSU offer into another offer. To be honest, it happens all the time, and I'm not even really that upset by it. I know there's a lot of "don't go back on your word" stuff that people talk about when a kid de-commits, but to be honest, do you remember being 17-years-old? I couldn't decide who I wanted to ask to buy me alcohol, and you want me to choose where I'm living for the next five years?

According to Rod Walker of the Clarion-Star Ledger (in Jackson, MS), Bennett approved of the hire of Mike Leach. Huge h/t to jeremyb91 for the find, and for e-mailing it to us. See guys, we're like one big happy family. And all the new Tech people here are Cousin Eddie showing up for Christmas. You're crazy, but we love you anyways.

Madison Central defensive lineman Maurice Bennett was pleased to see the change at the school he has committed to.

Bennett committed to Washington State, which announced Mike Leach as its coach earlier this week.

"I know when he was at Texas Tech, he had a good season every year," said Bennett. "I think the program is on the way up."

Bennett visited the campus in Pullman, Washington (some 2,200 miles away from his hometown of Madison) when the Cougars played UNLV.

"It took four different planes and all day to get there, but I enjoyed it," said Bennett, whose brother Bryon plays at Ole Miss.

While this is good news, I certainly wouldn't take this as 100% confirmation that he's coming. In fact, until they fax in their Letters of Intent, I'm not sure I'm 100% that any of the kids are coming. It's how recruiting works. For now, though, I am actually optimistic that Bennett comes to Pullman.

Cue the "Maurice Bennett reverses course, de-commits from WSU" post from Nuss in about an hour or so.