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Mike Leach Talks Craig James' Senate Bid, Reminds Us Why He's Awesome

Mike Leach has done quite a few radio spots in the last 24 hours, spanning the country from Arkansas to Seattle. For the most part, the questions have been along the same lines, with Leach politely answering different forms of the same queries at each stop along the way. The radio hosts want to know about his defense, the assistant coaching hires he's making and his outlook on the task at hand at Washington State.

That's all good and well, but I'd been waiting for someone to ask the important question. Finally, on a radio show in Arkansas on Wednesday, Leach was given the softball of all softballs. The host of Sports Talk With Bo, after bidding Leach adieu, slipped in one final question, asking Leach for his thoughts on Craig James' reported senate campaign.

Leach: "I think my thoughts would be the same as 99 percent of the rest of the country. When it comes to that, it's really hard to get a difference of opinion on that subject. Now it's not positive to him, but you can talk to, call, ask anybody and it's hard to get a different point of view on that question."

Host: "You don't expect him to win?"

Leach: "Uh, does anybody? I'd like to talk to the guys that do think he will."

Mike Leach, ladies and gentleman. His answer was flat awesome, and given the opening to send barbs towards James, he didn't disappoint.

Full audio can be found on this page.