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WSU Vs. Western Oregon: Open Game Thread And Stream Info

Tonight Washington State plays their last game in Pullman until the 19th on January. The next three home games will be in either the KeyArena or Spokane Arena, followed by three straight Pac-12 road games. Expect a sparse crowd, as the dorms have already closed. The athletic department was offering $10 general admission seats to try and help fill in the student section. We'll see if Pullmanites come out to watch the Cougs take on Western Oregon.

You can find my WSU vs. Western Oregon preview here. The Wolves are a good Division II team and are riding a nine-game winning streak. The way this WSU team has come out focused and sharp recently, I don't think they will take WUO lightly.

The athletic department is streaming this game via Cougars All-Access. It is a subscription service and will cost you 9.99 a month. If you'd rather tune in on the radio, the free stream can be found at

The game tips off at 4:35 pm. Grippi reports that Abe Lodwick, Faisal Aden, and Mychal Ladd were all warming up with the team. We'll see how much they play.

Join us in the gamethread!