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Inside Mike Leach's Airraid Playbook: Shallow Cross, Via Cougar Sports Weekly

Broke down another one of Mike Leach's favorite plays in today's edition of Cougar Sports Weekly. Here's a small snippet:

Ace Rip 6 Shallow -- also known as just the Shallow Cross -- is one of the most Airraid of Airraid plays. Its beauty is that virtually any quarterback can complete a pass to a receiver running that route, and if the defense is in man-to-man and the H is being covered by a linebacker, watch out -- he can run for days. In essence, it's a running play with a pass option.

After breaking this play down, one thought keeps crossing my mind: This is a play where Marquess Wilson is really going to thrive. We saw what Wilson could do in space with the ball in his hands this year on the rare occasions the line was able to successfully block the inside screen, and I'm just imagining a corner -- who is going to start the play terrified that Wilson is going to beat him over the top -- trying to keep up with Wilson running a shallow cross all the way across the field from his Z position.

I also had my take on just what Ken Bone might be thinking when he decides that his best option is to put Faisal Aden right back in for 23 minutes.

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