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WSU Football Recruiting: Vershad And Rashad Jackson Decommit

I want to acknowledge that Keith Ewing, a LB from Texas, was Mike Leach's first get as head coach of the Washington State Cougars as reported by Rivals. I've been trying to find free video of him to not only embed in an evaluation post, but to actually evaluate him. I must say that I'm impressed we won a recruiting battle with Arkansas, Arizona, and Houston, though. It's nice to know we beat out some BCS schools instead of Big Sky.

The breaking news for this evening, however, is in regards to the twin defensive backs from Texas. According to their twitter accounts, the Jackson Twins, Vershad and Rashad, have decommitted.

As I discussed with Mark via e-mail, this news of them decommitting may have been a mutual parting of the ways. I don't think Leach simply pulled the offers from the table, I think he was honest with the kids about how the staff evaluated them, and the potential playing time they might get (or not get). If they wind up at a school like Houston or Texas A&M, then I could be way off base. I think they end up at a school like North Texas or UTEP, though. I still like the kids, because speed is polarizing. Also, Johnny Gill haircuts. However, this opens up a couple of spots for some guys the current staff maybe likes a little more.

They were told they'd both play corner, so I wouldn't be surprised if we offered Bellevue's Tyler Hasty, whose father played for the Cougs in the mid 80s, as a replacement.

I don't think this will be the last time a guy decommits, so we'll do our best to keep you guys and gals up to date. As much as I would have loved having the twins on campus, this doesn't cripple us or anything. Now, if we lose Steve Rodgers ...

EDIT: Looks like WR Travis Gardner is out as well. He's no longer listed as a WSU commit, his profile says we haven't offered, and Scout's Brandon Huffman tweeted as much a few hours ago:

EDIT: Adding on, 3 star OT Fernando Villaneuva is out, too. He made the switch to the mighty Spartans of San Jose State. In all seriousness, he was a huge academic risk. I would have loved getting him, because he has a ton of potential, but the grades were dangerously low. It's too bad, really. At this point, gotta think Eldrenkamp is high atop Leach's wish list.


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