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HOT COUGAR ACTION: The Downside of Mike Leach

I know a lot of people are happy about this hire and I can see why, but it's not simply sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, there is a downside. Below I have detailed a few major causes of concerns, I really hope Bill Moos knows what he is doing.

  • Pant sales in Washington will plummet. Wrangler won't have enough money to pay Brett Favre and he will be forced to come back to the NFL (picture messages are expensive y'all). Don't you see what you've done Moos?!
  • Home gamethreads will become a barren wasteland. If everyone is packing Martin Stadium, who will carry on the many gamethread traditions? Craig and SoCalCoug won't even be able to complete buffalo, wild, wings.
  • Spokane natives might take an interest in WSU athletics. What will the people on Cougfan forums have left to complain about?
  • The Martin Stadium electric bill will skyrocket now that the scoreboard will use lights never needed before. We have to pay him $2.25 million and he runs up the electric bill?
  • Glenn Johnson, a Martin Stadium staple, will have to be replaced by Tom Durkin.
  • UCLA official stats are already a disaster, imagining them attempting to score a Mike Leach offense sends a cold chill up my spine.

Behind-The-Scenes Look At Acquiring Mike Leach
This Go 2 Guy website note – usually every Thursday, I pay tribute to the 2008 Huskies, mocking that 0-12 team since the Seattle Times is doing its own flashback series for the co-national championship team in 1991.

Inside the Mind of Mike Leach -
The first of two excerpts The Quad will run from a new book, Sports for Dorks College Football, co-edited by Ferhat Guven and Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech coach hired this week at Washington State. The book is an anthology of ideas by various experts on innovations taking place in college football.

Mike Leach To Washington State: The Long- And Short-Term Implications -
Looking at how Washington State's hiring of Mike Leach impacts both the Wazzu program and West Coast football as a whole.

An evening post from Pullman - SportsLink - - Dec. 1, 2011
The mood around Pullman has settled down after the events of the past few days, but that doesn't mean the waters are placid. We have some links and some notes, so read on.

WSU fans opening their checkbooks - - Dec. 1, 2011
PULLMAN – The day after Mike Leach was hired as Washington State’s football coach, the apathy athletic director Bill Moos perceived in the Cougar fan base has seemingly dissipated.

Mike Price: WSU is going to love Mike Leach - - Dec. 1, 2011
Back when Mike Price was the head football coach at Washington State University, he used to conduct an annual clinic on the one-back offense that served him and the Cougars so well.

Cougars | There's a football buzz in Pullman | Seattle Times Newspaper
In Pullman, they're buying a lot of tickets, asking a lot of questions and making a lot of commotion over the Wednesday hire of football coach Mike Leach at Washington State. Mike Price: Leach + WSU = perfect marriage
FORMER WASHINGTON State football coach Mike Price said he was sorry to see one of his former players fired as coach of the Cougars, but Price said the hiring of Mike Leach as Paul Wulff’s replacement is the "perfect marriage" of a coach and school.

Hiring of coach Mike Leach shows Washington State is ready to shed underdog label - The Washington Post
PULLMAN, Wash. — In spending an unprecedented $2 million a year to hire Mike Leach, Washington State is sending a message to its Pac-12 rivals: You won’t have the Cougars to kick around much longer.

Mike Leach And Washington State Football Together Generate Excitement; Can They Generate Pac-12 Titles? - Pacific Takes
If there is one thing Washington St. Cougars fans should be ready for when it comes to Mike Leach, it's the offense. Washington State's offense has been pretty decent this past season, and now with Leach it figures to be one of the best in the country. The Cougars are already a proficient passing team, and they're likely to keep that profile going.

Four items of interest on the college football landscape - Sports - The Boston Globe
2. They'll like Mike Kudos to Washington State athletic director Bill Moos for taking a chance and hiring Mike Leach to overhaul the Cougars’ moribund program, which has had four straight losing seasons. Leach was last seen stomping the sideline at Texas Tech before getting fired in 2009. He was either dismissed for mistreating Adam Jones after the receiver suffered a concussion or because he was due an $800,000 bonus, depending on whose version you believe. A brilliant offensive mind - his "Air Raid’’ attack was high-powered and entertaining - Leach had a lot of success at Tech, taking the Red Raiders to 10 bowl games in 10 seasons. He makes the Pac-12 better.

Washington State Cougars' hire of Mike Leach raises the bar for Pac-12 - CFB - ESPN
Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott continues to re-shape and push his conference in a new direction. Whether he is marketing, pursuing expansion or cleaning up the league's officiating, the Harvard alum and former head of the WTA seemingly never rests. Scott and his team put together the largest television rights deal in the history of college athletics, and yesterday we saw the magnitude of what that deal means.

College Football: Mike Leach Finds a Port at Washington State - The Daily Fix - WSJ
By hiring Leach, Washington State athletic director Bill Moos instantly puts his program back on the radar of college football fans, prospects and boosters.