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Mike Leach On Sirius XM With Jack Arute

New Washington State head coach Mike Leach's former job was co-hosting a show on Sirius Radio with Jack Arute called "The College Football Playbook". Now that Leach has been given an opportunity to return to the sidelines, Sirius replaced him with former Boise State and Colorado head coach, Dan Hawkins.

This morning, Leach called in to speak publicly for the first time since being hired at Wazzu (press release and twitter, notwithstanding). Here are a few quotes from Leach's mumbling, candid interview.

"It's a unique place, a pretty part of the country. Similar to where I grew up in a lot of ways."

"I have the utmost admiration for (Wulff) and his staff ... I'm impressed with him on every level. They worked hard, they improved."

"It’s a place that’s had some success in the past. They’ve turned out some quarterbacks — more than I’d realized."

The interview isn't terribly in depth or anything, but as Nusser said earlier on twitter, it's nice just to finally hear his voice. Part of me still feels like this isn't real, and we'll have the rug pulled out from under us. Tuesday at noon can't come soon enough.