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WSU Football Recruiting: Alex Jackson, WR From California, Becomes 3rd Leach Commit

Well, that was fast. A few hours after posting about new commit Feddie Davey, news surfaces via CougFan that 3 star WR Alex Jackson has verbally committed to play for the Washington State Cougars. Hailing from the same high school as Cougar legend Michael Bumpus, Jackson possesses world class speed, as well as the ability to make pants completely obsolete.

Well holy crap.

At 5'11 and 175 pounds, Jackson is a little on the small side. Since it's inevitable he'll be compared to Bumpus (with good reason), it's important to note Bumpus was 6'0 and 190 coming out of Culver City HS. If Jackson can add 10 or so pounds without sacrificing speed, we can officially claim all our pants are belong to him.

Not only is this kid a burner, but he made some ridiculous catches tip toeing the back of the endzone. He is a prime candidate to catch screen passes and take it to the house. I might not have been excited about Travis Gardner, but holy cow am I excited for this kid.

I don't want to say Leach just found his next Wes Welker/Danny Amendola, but ... yeah. This is cause for extreme excitement, Coug fans. Jackson immediately becomes our best recruit on offense, and is in competition with Jordan Pulu as the best overall player in the Class of 2012.



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