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Watch Tommy Spangler, Rumored To Be WSU's Next Defensive Coordinator, In Poinsettia Bowl

If you've missed streamin' and threadin' football games, you're in luck tonight: Tommy Spangler, the guy who is rumored to be WSU's defensive coordinator under Mike Leach, leads the Louisiana Tech defense in the Poinsettia Bowl against TCU at 5 p.m. PST on ESPN. (Also known as right now.)

Brian covered Spangler's reputation earlier this week:

Spangler makes a ton of sense and would fit the mold of a defensive coordinator pairing with Leach. His defensive philosophy is aptly nicknamed GATA, or Get After Their Ass(es). It's an attack defense that forces turnovers and creates pressure from all angles, which fits what Leach has spelled out almost to a T.

So, if you want your first sneak peek at what you might be getting, the Poinsettia Bowl is your best shot. I know I'll be getting on the DVR while I watch so that I can further inspect it at a later time.

And even if Spangler isn't the guy, I'll go ahead and venture that the exercise with be worth your time because former Leach assistant Sonny Dykes is the Bulldogs' head coach and as we all know, a Leach/Dykes offense is FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN.

So here you go. Game thread away.