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WSU Football Recruiting: Khalil Pettway, LB From California, Becomes 4th Leach Commit

Remember the other day when we had four guys de-commit? According to CougFan, Mike Leach has gone back to the Culver City HS well with LB Khalil Pettway. Pettway was the second commit yesterday, and the third within the past 24 hours. There appears to be two or three more kids who are WSU leans who could make the commitment in the next few days, so we'll make sure to keep all you eager beavers up to date.

As far as Pettway is concerned, teamed with Alex Jackson, the two Culver City prospects automatically become the two best gets in the Class of 2012. He's listed at 6'4 and 205 pounds, so he'll need to hit the weights, but he's a sideline-to-sideline guy who is a textbook tackler.

Both of his videos list him at a much higher weight than Scout lists him at. From everything I've read, he's nowhere near 220. I think he can reach that weight fairly easily in the offseason, but for now, let's just assume he's 205.

Pettway has the strength to blow up the ball carrier without having to sacrifice making the tackle. A lot of times, you'll see a kid try to use the hit stick and either whiff, or get pushed aside. Pettway has the ability to lay the lumber and wrap up to ensure he tackles his man.

He dropped back in coverage quite a few times, so he looks comfortable reading the offense. Things like that are rare for a kid his age. He also makes a pretty much one armed tackle at the :50 mark in the first video. His man is engaged with him, so he can't quite get free, but still brings the ball carrier down with one arm. It's pretty impressive.

I was originally jumping for joy at the idea of teaming Pettway with Jordan Pulu, but it appears Pulu's offer has been pulled. I'm not sure if this is a done deal, or if Mason Kelley is just hearing rumors, so for now, I'll just say that Pulu has reportedly lost his offer. We'll try to stay on top of the situation as more information comes out.

EDIT: I removed the stuff about Wulff not because I don't want to talk about it, but because I don't want to talk about it here. Let's use this post to focus on Pettway, and I'll write some future post about what I was trying to say about Wulff. That way we can all have our say, and I can attempt to articulate it better. For now, though, let's just focus on the kid we just brought in.


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