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WSU Football Recruiting: Mike Bowlin, Junior College Kicker, Signs With Cougars

According to CougFan, JC placekicker Mike Bowlin is headed to Pullman after signing on Junior College National Letter of Intent Day. Bowlin is a big kid -- 6'4, 204 lbs. -- and has a pretty big leg. He's not without his baggage, though.

Once upon a time, Mike Bowlin was the #3 kicker in the nation. After graduating high school, Bowlin committed to the University of Oregon. After sitting out his first year via redshirt, he left the Oregon program amidst scandal. According to reports, he was possibly intoxicated and harassing a female student. Two males assaulted him, and former Oregon K Rob Beard jumped in to defend Bowlin. Beard was sent to the hospital where he required surgery on his face. After the brawl, Bowlin left the team and transferred to Saddleback JC in Mission Viejo, CA.

I'd like to take this time to plead with everyone: please do not make this personal. No one really knows what happened, and it was almost two years ago. Bowlin has presumably learned from his mistakes, and moved on. The coaching staff is apparently satisfied with how everything turned out, or they wouldn't have signed him.

I can't believe I'm looking at tape of a kicker. It's so weird. It's pretty cut and dry, though. There's not much insight I can provide. He has grown a lot since he graduated high school, which is good because I prefer big kickers anyway. Well, proportionally big. Furney.

It'll be nice to have a kicker who doesn't fail to kick it past the 10 on kickoffs. Furney was a pretty good kicker last year, at least in terms of FGs. I wouldn't be surprised if Leach went to a two kicker system with Bowlin the guy on kickoffs, and Furney the guy on PATs and FGs. Bowlin also punted in high school, so he could take over punting duties if asked.

Overall, I see no harm in bringing in a JC kicker. Our kicking game hasn't been legitimately good since Drew Dunning, and that's sad. Mainly because I hate Drew Dunning with the fire of 1,000 suns, but also because that was a long time ago. Bowlin is a good get for Leach. He's not a great get, but he's a good get which is better than a just-ok-get and definitely better than a bad get. Good get good get good get good get. Get good? Yes, that'll do.


In other recruiting news, RB Terrell Davis has de-committed. He talked to the coaching staff, and much like I figured, his bruising rushing style isn't really a fit with Leach's "I never run the ball" offense. Davis' departure makes him the sixth member of Paul Wulff's recruiting class to do so. Vershad Jackson, Rashad Jackson, Travis Gardner, Fernando Villanueva, Jordan Pulu, and now Davis have all decided to pursue other opportunities. Pulu is the biggest blow, in my estimation, as he was one of my Fave Five from this class. (Yes, that was a Booker T reference for anyone who watches WWE.)

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend.


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