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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

We are in the final week of 2011, which means the last Monday morning trivia question of the year. This is seemingly a good time to end the contest and announce a winner, but that wouldn't be very fair, so instead I will use my power as the head of the MMTQ rules committee to announce that the final MMTQ will be March 5th the final week of regular season basketball.

At that point, one of you will win and I will decide on some kind of a reward for the victor. So get serious people because we are no longer swimming in the kiddie pool. Today we have three questions, centered around the early season performance of the basketball team. Each question is worth 10 points.

Q: Brock Motum is currently averaging 6.4 RPG. Since 1998, four other WSU players have averaged 6.4 RPG or more, who are they?

Q: Reggie Moore is currently averaging 5.5 APG. Since 1998, one other WSU player has averaged 5.5 APG or more, who is he?

Q: Davonte Lacy is currently averaging 9.4 PPG. Since 1998, three other WSU freshman have averaged 9.0 PPG or more, who are they?

Title up for grabs in woeful Pac-12 - - Dec. 26, 2011
PULLMAN – It wasn’t all that long ago the Pac-12 conference – OK, the Pac-10 back then – was rated near the top of the nation’s basketball leagues.

Wazzu men's basketball is in fine form - Sports: Mid-Columbia Sports Blog | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news
Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season. I feel like I've been a bad Cougar lately. Amid all the Mike Leach hoopla of a few weeks ago, and emerging from what felt like fog-induced sleepwalking (that was some serious fog hanging around this area, am I right?), I realized the WSU men's basketball team is 8-4.

Washington State Makes Big Time Hire with Mike Leach - National Underclassmen | Football Combines | Football Recruiting | Football Camp & High School Football Showcase
When the Washington State Cougars hired Paul Wulff four years ago, they were hoping that he would be able to turn a program that was in shambles into one of respectability. In those four years though, Wulff never took Wazzu to a bowl game, and he never really particularly came close either. This year's 4-8 record was the best that the team has done in years, but it just wasn't good enough. As a result, Wulff was sent packing.