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VIDEO: Drew Brees Celebrates Record-Setting Night With Steve Gleason

Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's single-season record for passing yardage on Monday night, but that's not too relevant to us. However, a cool moment unfolded after Brees set the record, amidst a large celebration on the sideline in the Superdome. After Brees was mobbed by his teammates on the field, then again on the sideline, he went over and found a familiar face: Steve Gleason.

Brees sought out Gleason and gave him a big hug after breaking the record, and the smile on Gleason's face says it all.

You can see Brees mouth "I love you man" as Gleason is beaming like a joyful little kid. Seeing Gleason on the sidelines, laughing and telling jokes, was better than watching Brees make history, or anything else that happened on Monday Night Football.

I've yet to come across anyone who doesn't label Gleason as "inspirational" or "tough." Though I didn't meet Gleason while he was in Pullman, every single person that came into contact with him had the highest praise for his character and perseverance. He continues to leave a lasting impression on everyone who comes into contact with him as he lives life to its fullest while battling ALS.

For more on Gleason's battle with ALS, visit his website and follow @team_gleason on Twitter.