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WSU Vs. Oregon: Open Basketball Game Thread And TV/Radio Information

B****, I know you ain't talkin' bout my man.
B****, I know you ain't talkin' bout my man.

Conference play! Now it counts for something I think! A power conference where you can win ten games and most likely be excluded from the NIT!

Be sure to read my preview linked above, and Jeff Nusser's Faisal Aden lovefest as well. Get a room you two!

This game is being broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet Northwest. You might have it, but definitely not if you have DirecTV. I have yet to find a stream anywhere.If you don't have any other options, you can listen to Bud Nameck's radio call. The online feed for that can be found at

Nuss made a bold proclamation on Facebook about the Cougs commencing their beating of Oregon. If they lose tonight, it is all his fault.

Join us in the game thread!