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Hal Mumme Lays Into Craig And Adam James

Late night post, but this is far too awesome to pass up. Bud Withers managed to wrangle Hal Mumme to get his opinion on Mike Leach becoming the head coach of the Washington State Cougars and it is awesome. For those that don't know, Mumme is Leach's coaching mentor and the two spent plenty of time honing their skills together at various jobs before Leach headed to Oklahoma as an offensive coordinator.

So, Mr. Mumme, tell me what you think about Craig and Adam James.

Mumme, asked about the saga, says, "Craig James is an (expletive), and everybody in Texas knows it. His son's an (expletive), and you can quote me. I was at New Mexico State, and we turned (Adam) down. Nobody would give that guy a scholarship except Mike Leach.

Read the rest of Withers' column for more from Mumme and a little more background on Leach. Like Mumme says, we're in for more fun than we've ever had. We've just inherited the wild side of the family, and it's going to be a ride.