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WSU Vs. Oregon State: Open Game Thread And TV/Radio Information

Happy New Year's Eve! My preview is linked above. I'm not that confident in WSU's chances in this one, but hey it's college basketball and sometimes crazy things happen. So there is that.

This game can be seen on Root Sports NW, which I'm told is channel 687 on DirecTV. I'm typing that so I remember when what channel to ask the bartender to turn the TV to later. It's like when you make a list before you go to the grocery store and remember everything on the list without looking because you wrote it down. The list itself isn't important, just the process of making it is. Just like I'm sure all of you who have DirecTV are aware of what channel ROOT Sports NW is on, but I'm a selfish bastard and typed it in there anyway for my own good.

Haven't found an online stream for this one, so if you are stuck without television you can always listen to the WSU radio broadcast at this link: WSU's gametracker with the fun armless and legless dudes can be found here.

Join us in the gamethread, your New Year's party hasn't started yet anyway.