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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

Once football season ended, I planned to transition the Monday morning trivia questions to basketball, but how could I not have a Mike Leach themed question today?

During his time at Texas Tech, Leach coached teams AVERAGED 36.9 points per game. Today's first MMTQ is, how many seasons has WSU averaged at least 36.9 PPG?

Texas Tech averaged at least 30 points per game in nine seasons under Leach. The second MMTQ is, how many seasons has WSU averaged at least 30.0 PPG?

Both of today's questions are worth 10 points. Up to the second standings:

Wazzu-Hondo - 70

Blackie1829 - 67

BigWood - 55

SoCalCoug - 48

Coug999 - 43

Craig - 25

B-lot tailgater - 24

Neil Vincent Roberts - 24

Bearcat44 - 20

Cougdude50 - 15

LeaveItToWeaver - 15

Tinit -10

Rancourt - 10

BleedCrimson - 10

02Coug - 10

sdcoug09 - 5

Johnnycougar - 3

Cougars | Mike Leach brings pirate's code to football field | Seattle Times Newspaper
Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from new Washington State coach Mike Leach's autobiography, "Swing Your Sword: Leading the Charge in Football and Life," published in July.

Jim Moore: Leach-mania puts WSU faithful in full pirate mode " Kitsap Sun
The Mike Leach madness continues Tuesday when we finally get a look at the man himself.

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When officials from Washington's universities and colleges are pressing state lawmakers to look elsewhere for budget cuts, we're pretty sure the athletic directors won't be leading the charge.

Summing up WSU's week - SportsLink - - Dec. 4, 2011
It's been a long time since I've written a morning post from Spokane. But that's where we find ourselves on this nicer-than-average Sunday in early December. We only have one question for you. Is your Christmas shopping done? Read on.

The Front Row with MARK NELKE Dec. 4, 2011 - Coeur d'Alene Press: Sports
"What do you think of the Cougars' new football coach?" I was asked the other day. "Well, they certainly created some buzz with that hire," I said. "They got buzz," the man replied, "and baggage." True, dat.

what-we-learned-120411 - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN
Cougs are relevant again: Washington State's hiring of Mike Leach gives the program instant credibility. He's a top-20 coach who knows how to win without elite, across-the-board talent. The Cougs were already taking steps forward the past two years under Paul Wulff. Wulff collected talent that can be competitive in the Pac-12. Leach immediately puts the program back into the North Division discussion.