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Mike Leach Has Arrived ... In Spokane

Artist's rendition of Mike Leach's plane.
Artist's rendition of Mike Leach's plane.

This is what happens when I get bored and decide to play around on the Internet. There wasn't much mystery surrounding Mike Leach and the Washington State coaching search, thus rendering everyone's FlightAware watching skills useless. We still wanted to know when and where he'd be landing, though. And now we've got our answer.

Mike Leach has landed, though not in Pullman. Like I said, bored on the Internet and playing around on FlightAware. My educated guess was confirmed by KHQ, which is about four hours closer to the airport than I.

Mike #Leach has JUST landed at Spokane International ahead his press conf. tomorrow.

So yeah, he's here! It does seem a bit more real now.

We're not quite sure if Leach is heading down to Pullman right away or if he'll be up in Spokane for the night. He will, however, be at an introductory press conference on Tuesday at noon in the CUB Ballroom. If you're in Pullman, do give the new coach a warm welcome. It's open to the public, so go say hi.

And if you're not in Pullman, we'll have an open thread and stream information. Should be a pretty big day; productivity and pants-wearing is expected to be at an all-time low.