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HOT COUGAR ACTION: The Day Has Come To Officially Welcome Mike Leach To Washington State

We read the reports. We followed it on Twitter. We celebrated it with GIFs. But now, finally, Mike Leach will be in Pullman and be announced as the new Washington State football head coach. It terms of the excitement scale for an introductory press conference, I'm at whatever the top level is. If Publishers Clearing House came to my door at noon, I would tell them to come back later. Well, maybe not, but I don't think I have to worry about it because I haven't submitted a Publishers Clearing House entry form since 1992. If they came to my door tomorrow I would probably say what the hell took you so long. I was really looking forward to buying a Super Nintendo with my winnings and now they are discontinued. Thanks for nothing Publishers Clearing House.

Today's press conference in Pullman and subsequent Seattle media meet and greet will officially kick off a new era of Cougar football. An era where Mike Leach is our head coach. I think it is safe to say you can leave your pants in the closet this morning, you won't be needing them.

While everyone is rightfully excited, one major question remains. At every sports introductory press conference there is always a photo op move. In baseball they give the guy a jersey and a hat, which he puts on over a dress shirt, then smiles for the camera. What will the photo op be today? Will they give him a football jersey with Leach on the back? Will they give him a can of Cougar Gold to hold up? Maybe they will keep it simple and just give him a WSU flag to hold so he can "raise the flag" for the first time. My personal suggestion would be to have Leach stand up, raise his arms in the air and proceed with finga gunz as blackpants dance in front of the press conference table.

The press conference starts at noon and can be streamed at this link. We will of course be back with a thread so we can all be streamin' and threadin'.

WSU News Center - Mike Leach press conferences set for Seattle, Pullman
SEATTLE – Two press conferences with Mike Leach, new Washington State University football coach, will be Tuesday, Dec. 6, in Seattle and Pullman. Cougs and Red Raiders unite
PULLMAN -- Washington State football players are going to be faced with a new challenge starting tomorrow when Mike Leach is introduced as their new coach: Ongoing publicity on a national scale. There also appears to be another upshot of Leach's hiring: Texas Tech fans adopting Ol' Wazzu as their second team. And the word adopting is meant in the truest, ticket-buying sense.

Pac-12 getting big names - Green Valley News: Sports & Recreation
We covered Rodriguez in detail last week, so let’s take a moment to break down why Leach would take the Washington State position. Leach turned the Red Raiders into one of the most consistently exciting teams in college football — a minor miracle, considering the fact that Texas Tech will never recruit on the same level as Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or any number of teams in the Big 12. He went 84-43 in his nine years at Texas Tech, never finishing below .500. Washington - Oregon - Idaho
PULLMAN -- Washington State University will officially announce Mike Leach as its new head football coach at a press conference on Tuesday in Pullman.

Time for Cougars to meet Leach today in Pullman - College Sports - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington news, weather and sports
PULLMAN – Mike Leach, already viewed by some Washington State fans as the “designated savior” of Cougars football, will make his first public appearance as WSU’s new coach at noon today at a press conference that will be open to the public.

How would you spend a $2.25 million salary? | Schools | Pullman / Moscow News
Sometimes there are blog posts that make other writers a little jealous that we didn’t come up with it first. CougCenter analyzed Mike Leach’s contracted salary and learned what effect the low-cost of living of Pullman would have on his estimated $2.25 million per year salary

UA football: Rodriguez hires 3 assistants
Additionally, Rodriguez said recruiting coordinator Dave Emerick has left to join Mike Leach's staff at Washington State. Emerick served as Leach's operations director and "chief of staff" when both were at Texas Tech.

Office of the President: Perspectives
On Tuesday we will bring our new football coach, Mike Leach, to our Pullman campus to introduce him to the media and to our WSU community. In advance of that event, I am writing to provide some perspective about the events of the past week in respect to our athletics program.