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Mike Leach Has Arrived ... In Pullman

Last one of these we do, but might as well pick up where we left off last night. Mike Leach, new Washington State football head coach, is in Pullman. After flying across the country and staying in Spokane last night, Leach hopped back on the jet this morning, taking the 17-minute flight down to Pullman. Why fly from Spokane to Pullman? Because that's what the big dogs do.

A few quick photos from @WSUCougars_Com. First up, Leach gets a police escort to Bohler Athletic Complex, and is met by flag wavers.


And here's a shot that made me laugh. It's almost a paparazzi shot and if you zoom in, you'll see some funny looks on everyone's faces.


If you can't zoom in enough with the above photo, check out this one. There's also a full album of photos here.

Leach will be taking care of some business at Bohler before meeting with WSU president Elson Floyd in about two hours. He'll then be formally introduced as head coach of the Washington State Cougars at noon. Head over here for a full schedule of events.