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TOP TEN COUGCENTER MOMENTS, #6: The Top Ten Moments Return

History can come in many forms. Sometimes it is told to you by an older relative as they recall important events of the past from their perspective. You can get history out of a book, from words that have been carefully researched and fact-checked. You can watch the History Channel and learn about planes and stuff.

On rare occasions, history happens right in front of your eyes.

For months the members of CougCenter have pined for a return of the Top Ten Moments. They started with complementing the author and politely suggesting their return:


Which led to a straight lie from me:


We can only hope that msgp501st is still alive. Anyways, as the months wore on and the moments had not appeared on the front page, the masses have grown more restless and increasingly passive-aggressive. Like an unhappy hipster, they chose not to ask for the posts, instead mocking the author who had once brought them great joy. Some of these "motivational tools" and the next moment after the jump.

First, BigWood began with comparing the "moments" to the pace of the Paul Wulff rebuild job:


Then, on this historical CougCenter day, a one-two-punch from Shellin and BigWood left this author rubbing his jaw, swallowing his pride, and opening up a "create story" tab on his browser.




After all this, I sensed it was time to unveil another moment. This moment is indeed historical, and there really is no sense in putting if off the discussion of its merits. It's best to admire it here and now.

This moment doesn't need much commentary from me, instead I'll leave that up to you guys in the comments. You can re-live that moment over and over again by clicking here.

What an incredible moment it is. One that will be talked about for years on CougCenter. The moments have returned! Cherish them now, for they are nearly as rare as a Coug of the Year post.