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WSU Vs. Idaho: Open Game Thread and Stream Info

If you are looking for the game in live video form, you do have the potential to see that at the Idaho official athletic site. The catch? You'll have to fork out $9.95 for the monthly subscription fee. If you don't want to go that route, you can stream the live audio from KTTH at this link.

I previewed this game at the link above. Mike Ladd, Faisal Aden, and Abe Lodwick are all still out with injuries. D.J. Shelton returns from his indefinite suspension tonight. It will be interesting to see if WSU can bring the same perimeter defense that allowed them to stifle a good-shooting Eastern team.

As always, we'll be threadin', this time it might just be radio streamin', unless someone has some Neulion login information they would like to share with the group? (I kid...I kid...sort of...)