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Mike Leach Reportedly Hires Four Offensive Assistants, Including UCLA's Jim Mastro

We still don't know the biggest questions on everyone's mind, but we do know a few of Mike Leach's assistant coaches. On Thursday morning, multiple reports indicated Leach had hired four coaches, and the names should sound familiar to those that have followed his coaching career. Among them: A former Texas Tech wide receiver, two assistants on ECU head coach Ruffin McNeill's staff and an intriguing hire from UCLA.

Your newbie on Leach's staff will Eric Morris, an inside receiver who played under Leach at Tech. He'll coach the position he played. Dennis Simmons will coach the outside receivers, and rejoin Leach after coaching alongside him at Tech from 2000-09 (via Chris Level).

Leach has also hired former #TexasTech wideout Eric Morris as his IR's coach and hired ECU WR's coach Dennis Simmons to coach his OR's.

These two hires can also be connected to Mike Levenseller. I assumed Leach would not keep any of the current coaching staff -- he writes about wanting a fresh start when he transitioned at Texas Tech and also lays out the reasons why he feels keeping a couple staff members is detrimental in Swing Your Sword. Morris and Simmons joining the staff seems to all but indicate Levenseller's time is done.

Clay McGuire will reportedly coach the offensive line after working with the running backs and special teams at ECU. McGuire was also part of Leach's staff at Tech and played under Leach, as a running back, at Tech.

For those interested, Mike Leach has hired Clay McGuire from ECU to coach his offensive line at Washington State.

That brings the number of Pirates on the staff to two; three if you're counting Leach. Finally, a fun and intriguing hire from UCLA. Meet Jim Mastro, formerly the running backs coach for the Bruins.

Leach's last hire on offense is former UCLA RB's coach Jim Mastro to coach RB's. Is all I know. Carry on.

You're wondering why a running backs coach is intriguing. He's a pistol running backs coach who taught the position at UCLA and before it, Nevada. I probably can't do it better than our excellent national college football editor, Jason Kirk, so here's what you need to know:

Also, Jim Mastro is a Pistol guy. Wazzu may have the best video game offense of all time in NCAA 2013.

I have no idea what to make of this hire, other than thinking it's excellent for recruiting and for the development of the running backs. It'll be interesting to see how Mastro is utilized, but he certainly has skills.

Still waiting on the offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and a few others, but these hires should give you a start. It's all beginning to come together.