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Mike Leach's Press Conference, Now In Highlight Video Form

We've been talking a lot about branding, marketing and buzz over the last week, coinciding with Washington State's hire of Mike Leach. As soon as Bill Moos got to work as the Cougars' athletic director, the emphasis was clear: WSU was going to establish its brand and stick to it. The theory flows all the way down to the Wave the Flag campaign and the athletic department's emphasis on multimedia and social media.

Almost immediately after Mike Leach's introductory press conference in Pullman, Washington State Athletics posted the full video on Youtube, making it readily available online for anyone who wanted to catch a glimpse of the new head coach. It was a nice, and expected, touch, but the Cougars have taken it a step further.

What'd they do now? A highlight video. Of the press conference. Yep!

Not too bad at all. Clearly, the marketing department, and athletic department as a whole, has been in overdrive this week, working to capitalize on Leach's hire. If your attention span is short, this video should give you a quick rundown of the day.