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Dr. Philips High School A Unique Experience In Every Way

For reasons that have nothing to do with the newest WSU recruits, I stumbled upon a few interesting tidbits about Orlando's Dr. Philips High School. This morning, I was reading a story by Andy Hutchins about a Dr. Philips student with no legs who was cut by the school's baseball coach. You see, the coach was afraid teams would do nothing but bunt against him, taking advantages of his relatively weak ability to field his position. But I digress.

I don't know why, but I decided to look up Dr. Philips High School, realizing I'd never figured out where, exactly, it was. Head coach Paul Wulff spoke of the area in his teleconference on signing day, noting it was a rural area, not like you'd expect in Orlando. He also said the students felt at home at Washington State, and the surroundings in Pullman were similar to those at their high school.

After the jump, let's see what I found.


Click to embiggen and it'll be perfectly clear what that thing is across the street.

But maybe my eyes deceive me. Perhaps Universal Studios just looks like it's close, but is farther away in reality. For that, I took a spin over to Wikipedia.

Dr. Phillips High School is perhaps best known for the fact that it is located directly across the street from the Universal Orlando Resort. Students can actually hear screaming roller coaster riders through the windows of some of the classrooms on campus.





Dr. Philips High School: where cutting class to ride rollercoasters simply looks irresistible.