I Hate CougCenter!

We seem to be catching a fair amount of flak from some people for how we manage our community, even being compared more than once to the worst fascist regime in modern history. I think that's a bit extreme, but hey -- people are entitled to their opinions, right?

In that light, I thought it might be productive to give everyone a chance to have a voice in what we do by creating a post/thread where you can record your thoughts and concerns about us and how we do things -- unfiltered, without fear of banning. Sort of an airing of grievances, if you will.

We're open to criticism. We really are interested in making this place better, and I hope this gives us a chance to address specific concerns in a way that leads to mutual understandings. Who knows -- you might even bring something to our attention that we hadn't considered in our little myopic world. You might even lead to real change around here.

So fire away.

P.S.: I would appreciate if this could get rec'd a few times so it will sit at the top of the page for all to see. Thanks.

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