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WSU VS. CAL: Open Game Thread

Allen Crabbe suffered a concussion against the University of Washington on Thursday. Concussions are serious business, he should probably sit out today. That is my unbiased medical opinion.

(Brian's Edit: Crabbe is out.)

Crabbe punished the Cougs for doubling down on the post in the first match-up, losing him would be a big loss for the Golden Bears. WSU needs to double the Cal bigs, because they don't have the bodies to guard them straight up.

A WSU win allows us to debate for another week whether or not this is a tournament team. Personally, I love following a "bubble" team (except for the crippling losses li. I've never really done it as a fan. Bennett's tourney teams were a lock from January and every other year we've been completely out of the running at this point. WSU still has a chance (even if it is a small one) to play it's way into an at-large bid, and that's pretty cool.

Go Cougs!