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James Montgomery Apologizes For Marijuana Arrest

I was disappointed by Washington State running back James Montgomery's arrest for possession of marijuana over the weekend for a variety of reasons. I've gotten to know plenty of football players through interviews and interactions throughout the year, and almost every single one of them came off as a good person. They were polite, well spoken and seemed like the kind of players we'd want representing our school.

James Montgomery was one of those kids. His story, which we all know by now, made him the kind of player we could root for. He not only recovered from a serious injury that could've taken his ability to walk, but he came back to lead the Cougs on the ground in 2010. It's not saying a ton as the run game was anemic, but he improved every week.

As small as an arrest for a small amount of marijuana may seem, it kind of destroys the good will and tarnishes Montgomery's good story. But when he responded on Tuesday, using Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised.

@vinceg55 Hey, Mr. Grip I just want to apologize to you for what you had to report about me this weekend you know me made bad choice but I'll be fine go Cougs

He owned his actions and apologized for making a bad choice. And he did so to the person who had to report the news to the world. There wasn't anger it got out or misguided hate, just an apology that seems sincere.