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2011 National Signing Day: Paul Wulff Press Conference Wrap-Up

In the customary signing day press conference, Paul Wulff gave an insight into the recruiting process. Besides giving a rundown of the signed recruits, Wulff talked about the difficulties of recruiting with an uncertain future, the impact of social media on the process and what impact the junior college signees would have on the program.

Wulff hammered home that the junior college players weren't necessarily brought in as stop-gaps right away. Instead, the plan is to redshirt most of them, giving them a year to get adjusted. Of all the transfers, only one -- Lenard Williams -- has just two years to play two. Ryan Getz, a late pickup, has three years to play three. If any of the JC transfers can step up and play right away, they will do so, but Wulff didn't envision more than a few not redshirting.

Max Gama will, apparently, greyshirt, delaying enrollment until next spring. It came as a bit of a surprise to me, considering where he was ranked and how he'd been evaluated. With the sheer volume of players signed, it's more to fudge the numbers, leaving room in a 2011 class that's looking like it's been filled to the brim.

Just like last year, the thought of an early signing period came up. Wulff is for one, saying it would take the stress off the kids and make it easier for staffs to fill out a class. 

The "Florida pipeline," or whatever you want to call it, was initiated by Mark Rypien, who knew one of the coaches down there. Contrary to popular belief, the schools these kids are coming from are not in Orlando or the big city, but instead are out in a rural area. The Florida players that committed were not looking for a city experience and fell in love with the rural, college town feel of Pullman when they visited.

On the recruiting front, Wulff said his staff doesn't try to stroke recruits' egos during the process. Instead, they try to keep them grounded so it won't be a shock when they get on campus and are at the bottom of the ladder as freshman players.

Social media also plays a role in recruiting these days, with kids getting pulled every which way by fans on Facebook and Twitter. Wulff said it makes it hard for the kids, who are in a confusing part of their lives during the recruiting process. It's already a stressful time and the back-and-forth that happens online doesn't help.

As far as decommits go, he again spoke of how it reflects on the players. If they can't handle the stressful situation that is recruiting, he said he begins to wonder if they can handle playing at a college level. It gets to the point where the coaches start to think maybe it's best that they don't come.

Additionally, Bishop Sankey's decommitment was not a surprise to the staff. He said they expected the switch, but it's just part of the deal and comes with the territory in recruitment. Devontae Butler Booker's change of heart was a bit of a surprise, only because it happened in the last few days. The staff did see him talking to Fresno State, however. Stephan Nembot sounds like he's out, as well, even though he's announcing tonight.

Rahmel Dockery will be a wide receiver and should help in the return game right away. Henry Eaddy has serious speed and also ma contribute right away. It sounds like Wulff was very pleased with the wide receivers in the class, and each was singled out for their speed, with a few drawing comparisons to Marquess Wilson.

That's it for now. I'll be back with more later.