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CougCenter 101: Everything You Need To Know About Commenting

Back in the summer, I wrote a series of posts about CougCenter, the SB Nation platform and how to comment. It's not necessarily meant to explain guidelines or how to be an amazingly fantastic poster, but instead is meant as a tutorial. From posting a comment to contributing your own thoughts and more, these posts should give you a headstart on commenting, if you haven't already done so, or give you a refresher and, perhaps, teach you something new.

Commenting: We begin with the most basic feature of the SB Nation platform. Commenting may seem simple, but it can also be intimidating for a first-time poster. To help everyone ease in, I wrote up a quick "how-to," explaining how to post a comment, reply, rec and more.

A Style Guide: Need to know how to post a picture or link? Trying to figure out why your image is so big, forcing us to delete it? This handy style guide will help you out.

FanPosts And FanShots: You know how to comment and post pictures, so now you're ready to contribute your own masterpiece. We explain the difference between FanPosts and FanShots, while walking you through the basics of creating your own work of art.

Social Media And More: We use Twitter and Facebook here in almost everything we do. All the authors have their own Twitter accounts, and CougCenter has its own. You can find us at: @CougCenter@NussCoug@thecraigpowers@GradyClapp@FloydCoug and @KyleRancourt. We also have a Facebook page that you can "like" here. The rest of the post explains how social media is integrated into SB Nation and explains what SB Nation Seattle, my other project, is and how it plays together with CougCenter.

That's it. Read those four posts and you'll have a basic idea of what this whole commenting thing is about. I'll be adding to this as I think of more, but feel free to ask questions and I'll either answer in the comments, or use the questions to form another post at some point.